Lanphier Signature Full Body Massage 60 min/90 min  $120/$160

The massage combines Swedish-style techniques to ease stress, realign the mind, soothe emotions and relax the body.

Prenatal Massage  – $130

Gentle balancing for mother and baby. Ease body tensions and create harmony within

Aromatherapy Massage 60 min/90 min  –  $135 / $175

A personalized sensory experience using the power of pure essential oils to restore a sense of well-being.

Lymphatic Drainage  Treatment 60 min/90 min–  $135/$200

Stimulates and invigorates the lymphatic system to naturally detoxify the body and enhance circulation.

Sports & Deep Tissue Massage 60 min/90 min  $135/$175

A deeper -pressure massage that includes a combination of trigger-point work, myofascial  release, or acupressure. Deep-tissue massage focuses on postural imbalances, releasing locked-up areas, muscle attachments, and restrictions in the deeper tissue

Healing Stone Massage  –  $185 

A soothing massage using smooth, heated basalt stones to deeply penetrate, warm and relax muscles.

Reflexology  –  $120

Specialized Eastern Finger and thumb techniques stimulate the body’s natural healing process, align and balance energy centers all done through points on the feet.

Lomi Lomi  –  $130

A Hawaiian massage art form, based on the movement of the waves and the rhythm of the ocean. Long circular wave-like strokes soothe the body from head to toe, and the smooth rhythm has an incredibly soothing effect

Stress Reduction 30 min –  $85 

An in depth 30 min treatment to relieve tight muscles and melt away tension

Cranial Sacral   –  $125

Balances the spinal fluid and relieves targeted areas, increasing flow and energy.

Thai-Yoga  –  $130

This ancient art from stretches and realigns the body in smooth, yoga-like poses that relieve tension and encourage energy flow.

Reiki  –  $100

A subtle, non-invasive therapy that gently balances life energy and brings health and well being to recipient

Headache Relief 30 min/60 min  $90/$120

Massage and aromatherapy blends provide relaxing relief for tension headaches, migraine, jaw (TMJ) pain and neck/shoulder

Swe-Thai Massage $180

*Prices vary based  on the therapists experience level

**There is an extra fee for couples massage