Men’s Nail Grooming $25
Men’s Pedicure  $60
Men’s Medical Facial Peel $200
Men’s “Brotox” $20/unit
Men’s Haircut $50
Manscape Brow $30
Men’s Grey Blending Color $40


“Manly Treat”  –  $50

An eucalyptus steamed towel soothes neck and face while an invigorating scalp massage eases tensions and eye strain. 20 minutes

Gentlemen’s Energy Package  –  $325

Purely for him, an Intense Energy Facial treatment followed by Full Body Massage designed to invigorate and Renew. Our guest will then enjoy  a steam shower and thereafter a nail grooming manicure/pedicure. Guest will then relax during a light lunch in our men’s lounge. Complimentary shampoo with head massage if desired.

The Man’s Facial–  $150

The ultimate facial to detoxify, re-balance and deep clean a man’s skin. Includes relaxing back ritual and invigorating mask with clove, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

“Brotox” for men 

2 areas –  $100 off

3 areas –  $150 off

 Men’s laser hair package 

Back/Neck $500/treatment