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Hair Removal

NEW at Lanphier: Sugaring

Sugaring Back $80
Sugaring Full Leg $100
Sugaring Half Arm $40
Sugaring Full Arm $55
Sugaring Lip/Chin/Side Burns $22.

Sugaring is by far one of the most gentle and ancient techniques that is a natural alternative to lasers, and one that lasts longer than traditional waxing. Sugaring paste does not adhere to live skin cells the way most waxes do, it pulls up only hair not skin minimizing topical pain. Plus, the paste itself is only heated to lukewarm temperature, making initial application more comfortable.


NEW at Lanphier: Eyebrows Sculpting by THREADING


There is no contraindications for threading, no skin stretching, no bacteria, no broken hair, removes even very short hair, lasts longer.


Lip/Chin wax: $20

Classic Bikini: $40

French Bikini: $60

Brazilian Bikini: $80

Back: $65

Underarm: $30

Abdominal: $20

Manscape Brow: $30

Manscape Neckline $30

Nose/Toe $10

Nose/Toe $10

Brow wax: $30 Tweeze $40

Full Arm: $50

Full Leg: $80

Full Leg/Bikini: $115

Half Leg: $50

Half Leg/Bikini: $85

Dermoplane $40

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